1. Just arrived

    Photo just digitalised,  taken years ago when I was studying in Boston



  2. Eternal love


  3. Normandy

    Back to the fifties


  4. Shadow


  5. Quietude



    St. Joseph’s Church, Le Havre, is a Roman Catholic church in Le Havre, France, built between 1951 and 1957/58 as part of the reconstruction of the town of Le Havre, which was almost entirely destroyed during World War II. It acts as a memorial to the five thousand civilians who died in the conflict.
    The church was designed by the chief architect for the reconstruction of Le Havre, Auguste Perret, teacher and mentor to the Swiss architect Le Corbusier.


  7. Sunset Côte d’Opale


  8. St Valery - Somme


  9. Kortrijk

    God is football


  10. Palingbeek - Ieper

    A remnant of an canal and a lock who were never finished and were the scene of heavy fighting in WO I



  11. Nieuwpoort

    a winter evening



  12. Poperinge

    new bridge




  14. Harbourlight


  15. Who is watching who?